About Me

It all started in 2010, my cousin Byon Artrell McCullough A.K.A. Know Cash(YouTube Personality) needed a camera person to go on tour with him so he asked me. I didn't know anything about a camera, but I agreed to do it. He purchased the camera and handed it to me, and I began. I couldn't shoot to save my life. I laugh now but I remember shaking in my boots when someone would say, "Let me see how it looks!" I started to prefer to shoot videos with the camera in auto mode and did OK with that, but I yearned to shoot still images. I started to watch any photography videos and tutorials I could and at the end of every class, video, or tutorial every teacher said the same thing, "Get out there and shoot!" So that's what I did, I carried the camera with me everywhere and took every opportunity to shoot family, friends, events, and flowers, animals, landscapes, and one day I noticed, I had developed my own style. It started to get serious in 2013 when my childhood friend started to promote large concerts from Las Vegas, Nevada to Tampa, Florida. I had the opportunity to get paid $500 and get flown out, and set up in a nice room, as well as meet and photograph Top tear stars such as Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill, Trey Songz, BBD, SWV, Chubb Rock, Yo Gotti, August Alsina, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Katt Williams, The Imfamous Suge Knight, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Young Jeezy, Lil Twist, Keith Sweat, OMG Girls, Lil Boosie, Lil Duval, and so many more. But after all of the traveling and jet lag I still felt empty. So I moved to Charlotte, worked a few jobs and missed my camera every day. So I started to take wedding bookings from friends and family for little of nothing for experience. For me, this was the turning point. I loved to share moments in my pictures so weddings were the perfect place for me. As I have grown in style and the way I edit over the years I have also started to shoot proms, models, family shoots, Real Estate, Parties, Events, and just about every genre. To put it plainly, I LOVE WHAT I DO? If my family would let me I'd do it for free! From first consultation, to the end of our shoot, I am dedicated to helping you create the visual you desire. And after the shoot I am also available to print for digital prints, books, canvas prints, and more. I like to say we start out in business and work our way to becoming family. Give me a call and let's create magic for your family, event, or brand.

Focus on the moments.