Hello, I am Malik Williams.

A North Carolina photographer/videographer who loves to be in the moment. I love to capture the composed, well thought out poses that show off your best side. But what I live for is to capture those candids, when you aren't even aware. I make it my business to create moments during our shoot so as to ensure photos that will amaze you when you see them for the 1st time. Very colorful is the way to explain my editing style. I love to make the colors pop and my subjects glow as this will be a day, excuse me, moment you won't forget. I love people and can relate to all personalities from the "I don't like pictures!" type of client, to the kids who want to take my camera and shoot their own pics. I especially love the kids. They are who inspired me to capture moments because they are so unpredictable. I have 13 years of professional experience and enjoy learning new techniques to this day. I am also a clothing designer and have incorporated it into my photography. As a result, my clients can also have their images on canvases, key chains, apparel, and so much more. Photography isn't a hobby for me, it is a lifestyle. I hope to assist you in your next shoot or event, so you too can see why I love moments over poses.

“It's not the scenery, but how beautiful we make YOU look in it!”